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The Fifty-Fifth Diocesan Convention is the annual gathering and business meeting of the Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida.

Friday, October 6 to Saturday, October 7, 2023, at Charlotte Harbor Event & Convention Center

Delegate Information

The Canons of the Diocese require the Bishop to prepare a "Preliminary Roster" for publication not later than 80 days prior to the Annual Convention. Amendments to the Preliminary Roster are permitted up to thirty (30) days prior to Convention. These rosters will be updated as changes are received.

For Clergy: All canonically resident clergy in the Diocese of Southwest Florida attend Annual Convention. Active, canonically-resident clergy in this Diocese who cannot attend a scheduled meeting of the Convention immediately shall inform the Bishop and provide the reason for the absence. Clergy canonically resident in this Diocese but who have retired from active service are not required to be present at the meetings of the Convention.

To view/download the Final Roster of Clergy Members of Convention, Click Here


To view/download the Final Roster of Lay Delegates/Alternates and Elected Members, Click Here


For Laity: The Canons makes provision for Lay Delegates to be appointed once the time for the Annual Meeting of the Congregation is past:

Canon I.4.c: Lay Delegates and Alternate Delegates who cannot attend a scheduled meeting of the Convention immediately shall inform the member of the clergy in charge of the Congregation and wardens of the Congregation so that a replacement may be selected.

Canon 1.5.a: The selection of Lay Delegates and Alternate Delegates to serve as Members of the Convention shall be made by the Congregation, unless otherwise specified by the bylaws of the Congregation. If the Congregation’s bylaws specify that selection is to be made by Congregational election, the electors must have the qualifications as set forth in Canon VII.

Questions? Email Beth Gentry Gould, Administrative Assistant to the Canon to the Ordinary, at

Click below to download the

Business Session Tips

On-Site Check-In Process


The annual business meeting of the diocese requires a separate registration process from Friday. We do this to differentiate “members of convention” (lay and clergy voting delegates) from all other attendees.

  • Locate the registration table in the concourse of the conference center that corresponds to your standing as an attendee. The choices will be clergy/clergy spouse/lay delegate/lay alternate/guests/visitors. Each category will be sub-sectioned alphabetically (A-J, K-N, and so on) by last name. Make certain you are in the correct table category and in the correct line alphabetically.

  • You will be handed your nametag and lunch tickets for Saturday (No additional lunch tickets will be sold or available at Convention.)

  • Once you are registered, proceed to the floor of Convention in Hibiscus Hall. Locate your designated seating area/deanery. Convention Pages will be assigned to each deanery and can help you find your table.


As you enter Hibiscus Hall, a Floor Manager and Convention Pages will be on hand to direct you to your assigned seating area. We do this to ensure that only those who are entitled to vote are seated on the voting floor of Convention.



Once the business meeting has begun, if you wish to speak at an appropriate time, please approach one of the two microphones on the convention floor and wait to be recognized by the chair. First state your name and congregation, and then make your comments, which are limited to three minutes. Then return to your seat. Convention works through the agenda, with scheduled breaks and a lunch period.



Votes will be taken throughout the day on a variety of issues. For some votes, you will asked to access our online voting system, VPOLL. Instructions to log into VPOLL can be found on page 7.



Per Diocesan Canon II, Section 4.b., a Resolutions Committee was appointed by Diocesan Council.

The Resolutions Committee is charged with ensuring that proposed resolutions coming before the Convention comply with the requirements of the Constitutions and Canons of The Episcopal Church and this Diocese, are not redundant, and are stated in clear and consistent language. The text of the resolutions and explanations of what they would do are available on the diocesan website and in this convention guidebook. Read the resolutions and the explanations, think about them, ask questions, and determine how you plan to vote.

Happening at Convention

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